Abu Dhabi T10: Dot balls are gold in this format, says Naveen-ul-Haq

Team Abu Dhabi fast bowler Naveen-ul-Haq opened up on the challenges he is facing as a bowler in the ongoing Season 5 of Abu Dhabi T10 and explained how it is helping him grow as a cricketer.

“Both T10 and T20 are different formats. In T20s, a player gets time to change things to help his team recover in a match. In T10, even if one over goes wrong with the bat or bowl, the pressure increases. Hence, T10 is more enjoyable for fans and players in this format. But it is a tough format for bowlers,” he said. Naveen went on to add that he always looks to bowl dot balls in T10 matches. “I always work on my strengths irrespective of formats. But you must also be unpredictable as a bowler. Every dot ball is gold in this format and I try for that. I also try to save myself from big hits. It is a batsmen’s game,” he said.

Team Abu Dhabi have won all their fives games so far and are being seen as one of the favourites to win the trophy this year. Speaking on the bond within the team, Naveen said that all players from different parts of the world share ideas between themselves which has helped them play as a unit.

“We share a good camaraderie in the dressing room. All teams in this competition are equally strong. We have won multiple games in a row against such strong teams which gives us self-believe that we can win matches from any position. All our players share ideas among ourselves about what we think is working under certain conditions,” Naveen said.

The Afghanistan international further said that Team Abu Dhabi play a ‘fearless’ brand of cricket and will continue to do so even if certain things do not work for them.

“We have discussed within our team that we will play fearless, irrespective of whether we bat or bowl first. During the tournament, we may also have a game where everything might work against us. But we still have to continue playing with the same intensity. We have seen the capability of our team and we still have to keep self-believe that we can win the game,” he said.

Naveen was further asked about his participation in the Pakistan Super League next season, but he insisted that he is currently committed to playing in the Abu Dhabi T10 league.

“I have not registered this time around for Pakistan Super League. It is a good league, but I am currently committed to T10 and other leagues. I also wish to share some time back home with my family,” he said.