Afghanistan captain Rashid Khan to world leaders, ‘don’t leave in Chaos’

Star all-rounder Rashid Khan on Tuesday appealed for peace in Afghanistan, asking the world leaders not to leave his country in “chaos” amid escalating violence.

“Dear World Leaders! My country is in chaos, thousands of innocent people, including children & women, get martyred everyday, houses & properties being destructed. Thousand families displaced..Don’t leave us in chaos. Stop killing Afghans & destroying Afghanistan. We want peace,” he tweeted.

Situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan by the day with more than 1,000 people either killed or injured due to indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Helmand, Kandahar and Herat provinces in the last month alone.

Afghanistan has been witnessing a series of terror attacks since the US began withdrawing its troops on May 1.
The Taliban have so far captured more than half of Afghanistan’s 400-odd districts.

The US has already pulled back the majority of its forces from Afghanistan and is looking to complete the withdrawal by August 31, ending nearly two-decade of its military presence in the country