Ashes 2021: Despite England players’ reservations, Stuart Broad confirms, ‘Will play Ashes in November if I’m fit’

England pacer Stuart Broad has confirmed that he travel to Australia for the upcoming Ashes provided he stays fit.

He also added that England players are waiting for more details about the restrictions they will be under in Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports suggest that some England players will withdraw from the trip regardless of the protocols that are put in place. “If you ask me if I would be happy to get on a plane to Australia in November, I would say yes,” Broad said in his Mail on Sunday column, as reported by ESPNcricinfo.

“I am working tirelessly to get there. I don’t feel there will be a postponement. In my mind, it is 100 percent clear that an England team of some description will embark on the tour. It is now just a couple of weeks away from a squad being selected but players can’t sign up to something unless they know what they are signing up for,” he added.

There are negotiations going on between the ECB and CA and both boards are trying to find compromises to quarantine and living arrangements during the two-month trip.

“The ECB have tried to keep us as informed as possible with the information that they are getting from Cricket Australia. It’s just that minimal detail has been available. I don’t think anyone can say hand on heart that we won’t be living in a bubble out there and that will be extremely challenging,” said Broad.

“With the situation Australia is in — with their own citizens struggling to get into the country — I am not thinking we will just be able to fly in with no quarantining, as if we are living a normal life, because the world is not a normal place at the moment. We need to be in a situation where we are allowed to train for between two and three hours a day. An international bowler rarely goes two weeks in a year without bowling,” he added.

The Ashes between England and Australia is set to commence on December 8 in Brisbane.