Great gesture by Sachin Tendulkar, donates retinal cameras to district hospital in Assam

Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar has once again come forward in support of people in the northeast by donating retinal cameras to the pediatric intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care unit at the Makunda Christian Leprosy and General Hospital in Karimnagar district of Assam.

Critical patients from the neighboring states of Tripura and Mizoram also come here for treatment.

It is through his foundation, Tendulkar has offered to donate retinal cameras which can help diagnose ‘retinopathy of prematurity, a preventable complication among preterm neonates (new-born) that can cause blindness.

This will benefit the nearly 45 percent preterm deliveries and 50 percent pre-term admissions in its NICU.

Presently, the nearest facility for ROP screening is available only in Guwahati, which is about 360 kilometers far and an overnight journey from Karimnagar.

Dr. Shajin MD, Consultant Pediatrician, Makunda Hospital said, “We are thankful to the Sachin Tendulkar foundation for coming to our rescue in getting this device which will go a long way in helping a lot of premature babies, getting treated in our hospital from the rural communities.”

The iconic batter, who holds numerous records to his name, had earlier donated various medical equipment to the pediatric ward of the hospital.