India Tour of South Africa: Rohit Sharma brushes aside rift with Virat Kohli, says ‘It is important to focus on my job’ – Watch video

After being named team India ODI skipper, Rohit Sharma has talked in length for the first time in an interview. Speaking on various topics, Rohit Sharma brushed aside the rift with former white-ball skipper Virat Kohli and said it’s always going to be high-pressure when you are playing for India and foremost important thing is to focus on the job irrespective of being a captain.

BCCI on Sunday released a short video on its official Twitter handle with the caption: “The pressure will always be there. As a cricketer, it is important to focus on my job.” SPECIAL – @ImRo45’s first interview after being named #TeamIndia’s white-ball captain.”

In the video, Rohit Sharma talks about various topics such as the pressure while playing for India, his take on being named ODI skipper, and a few other things including the rift with Virat Kohli.

Speaking further in the video, though Rohit Sharma didn’t directly talk about the speculations on his rift with former white-ball skipper Virat Kohli, he said that the outside talks are immaterial. He further says that what he thinks about an individual is more important than the talks happening outside. ” I think those talks that happens outside are immaterial. For us, it’s important that what we think of each other. You know that is more important. What I think of XYZ…that is important. You want to create a strong bond between the players and that is what will help us in achieving the goal we want.”

Speaking about the new challenge or the pressure on playing for India, Rohit says it’s always going to be high pressure. And the focus should be on the job and nothing else. “When you are playing cricket for India, it’s going to be always high pressure. The pressure is always going to be there….there will be a lot of people talking about it…you know positive, negative. But for me personally as a cricketer, not as a captain, as a cricketer, it’s important for me to focus on my job and not focus on what people are talking about.”

Team India ODI skipper further says that the message for the team is pretty much simple and similar to what he has said perhaps a million times before, i.e. focus on your job and don’t focus on the talks around in media or outside. “Even the team understands that ..when we are playing a high-profile tournament, you know there will be a lot of talks. It is important for us to focus on what we have in hand which is to go and win the games, play the way you are known to play.”

Team India tour of South Africa begins later this month with the 1st Test scheduled for December 26. The Indian stars will travel to South Africa on December 16.