IPL 2021: Great news for CSK fans, MS Dhoni says, ‘I haven’t left’ after winning 4th IPL trophy

MS Dhoni on Friday left fans on a positive note while speaking about his IPL future. However, he didn’t give any clear signal ahead of the IPL 2022 auctions. Speaking about his future plans, CSK skipper said that it depends on BCCI with the arrival of two new teams for next season.

“It depends on BCCI with two new teams coming in. It’s not about me playing for CSK, it’s about what is best for CSK,” Dhoni said at the post-match show.

“Well, I still haven’t left,” he added.

“We have to decide what is good for CSK you know. It’s not really about me being there in the top three or four, whatever the retained number of players is,” Dhoni told host broadcaster Star Sports. “It’s about making a strong core and making sure the franchise doesn’t really suffer, because it will be an auction where you have to make a team for the next ten years. Definitely in 2008, the core group carried on for more than ten years. We’ll have to have a hard look as to in the next ten years, who are the people who will contribute in a similar manner.”

Dhoni is chosen to mentor Virat Kohli & Co in the upcoming T20 World Cup. He is speculated to return with the same role for CSK next year. Now, it remains to be seen if he will play as a player or take the role of a mentor.

  • After winning the IPL for the fourth time, CSK skipper MS Dhoni remained tight-lipped regarding his participation in the next year’s edition of the tournament.
  • For IPL 2022, two new teams are set to come in, and it needs to be seen how many players a franchise is allowed to retain before the mega auction.
  •  However, Dhoni also pointed out that he still has not left behind his legacy, hinting that he might just play the next season for CSK.
  • Once the broadcaster said: “You can be proud of the legacy you have left behind”, Dhoni, 40, was quick to respond, saying: “Still I haven’t left behind.”

The former Indian captain retired from international cricket last year. A similar arrangement could very well be on the cards with CSK believe ex-cricketers Shane Watson and Akash Chopra.

Speaking on Star Sports, Shane Watson said, “Hearing that answer from MS to me was very different to the answer he gave last year where he was very confident that yes, he will definitely be back.”

Watson added, “Hearing him sort of talk about things such as let us see what happens at the auction and all the different sorts of permutations with two new teams coming in, that for me more so suggests that he will be in yellow still but potentially not as a player and more as a mentor, which still is a huge role in the franchise.”

Akash Chopra also addressed the MS Dhoni retirement rumours and believes the CSK captain will return to the franchise as a mentor next season.

“Dhoni is going to retain CSK for sure. Now in what capacity it`s up to him. It`s never been a transactional kind of relationship between the two. MSD is equal to CSK, so if he has a season in him, which is only six months away, and if he has the desire to play as he will play.”

However, the former India opener added, “But I`m sure he`s also mindful of the fact that next year`s big auction, a lot of money is being parked on one player for the next three seasons. If that`s going to happen then you`re going to hamper the chances of creating a good team at a big auction. So if that plays out the way I think it is, MS might be there as a mentor and not as a player.”

Moving to the IPL 2021 season, Dhoni also opened on CSK players, their mantra to success and playing 10th IPL Final. He said that the team is filled with match-winners who continued their super show in the tournament.

“We shuffled a few players, we used them in different ways. Important was to take the responsibility. I felt we had match-winners game after game. People who were in form they ensured they were scoring throughout the tournament and others were chipping in,” he stated.

He also spoke about CSK’s brilliant turnaround after CSK’s forgetful run in the last edition of IPL.

“Every final is special. Yes, we are most consistent team looking at the stats but we have also lost finals. Not letting the opposition in is something we consciously wanted to improve. I hope CSK in the coming years will be known for that. We don’t really talk a lot. It’s more one on one. Our practice sessions are more like a meeting session also. People are more open that way. The moment you talk in a team room there is a bit of pressure. You can’t deliver without a good team. We also have great individuals as well,” he further stated.