IPL 2021: Rashid Khan, Mohammed Nabi very sad, as Taliban bans IPL 2021 telecast in Afghanistan

The new Taliban regime have banned IPL’s telecast in Afghanistan. The UAE leg of the IPL 2021 will not be telecasted in Islamic state due to alleged ‘anti-islam contents’ that could be aired during the programming.

Afghanistan, now under the control of the Taliban. The regime has banned most forms of entertainment — including many sports – and Women were completely banned from playing sport.

Former Afghanistan Cricket Board media manager and journalist, M Ibrahim Momand, sent out a tweet stating, ‘that due to possible anti-islam content, girls dancing & the attendance of women in the crown, Islamic Emirates of the Taliban has banned IPL broadcast in the country’.

According to the reports, the telecast was banned right from the first game as Chennai Super Kings and defending champions Mumbai Indians 1st match was played in UAE on Sunday.

Rashid Khan & Mohammed Nabi who will soon get in action in IPL are left disappointed and disgruntled with the latest development in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have banned most forms of entertainment — including many sports – and women have been completely banned from playing sport.
Even though the hardline Islamists have shown they do not mind men playing cricket, pulling together a match in the capital Kabul shortly after foreign forces withdrew,

Bashir Ahmad Rustamzai, Afghanistan’s new director-general for sports, had last week declined to answer as to whether women will be allowed to play sports — deferring it for top-level Taliban leaders to decide. The takeover has called into question the future of Afghanistan’s participation in Test matches, as under International Cricket Council regulations, nations must also have an active women’s team.

Earlier, Australia’s cricket chiefs threatened to cancel a historic maiden Test between the two countries — set to take place in November — after a senior Taliban official went on television to say it was ‘not necessary’ for women to play.