IPL 2021: RCB’s Glenn Maxwell, Daniel Christian find support in KKR after facing online abuse

Kolkata Knight Riders extend support to Royal Challengers Bangalore all-rounder Daniel Christian after he and his wife were abused on social media after his team’s loss in the IPL 2021 eliminator on Monday. RCB and Australi’s all-rounder Glenn Maxwell also posted a tweet in support of Christian declaring if anyone abuses him or his teammates on social media he will block them. RCB faced a heartbreaking loss against KKR by 4 wickets on Monday where Dan was hit for 29 runs in 1.4 balls.

KKR posted a video tweet of Dinesh Karthik where he can be seen speaking about online hate. “Say NO to hate-mongering. Cricketers are subjected to online abuse way too often. It’s high time we take a strong stand against it. Victories and Losses are a part of any sport. We stand by you @RCBTweets @danchristian54 @Gmaxi_32. We’ve been there too #IPL2021,” KKR wrote in the caption of the video.

“And that’s where I feel social media needs to be a kinder place. People don’t realise the gravity of what they say be it memes, be it videos, be it the words that they use. It is the spur of the moment thing for them. Intestinvely what they feel they put out there. Not realising what person reading it might go through,” former KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik said in the video.

“We’re 100% with you @danchristian54 and we will not tolerate online abuse towards players and especially towards their families and loved ones,” tweeted RCB.

“Winning and losing are a part of this beautiful game we all love. Our players put in the hard work day in and day out to reach the level they’re at. They give it their everything to try and win the game for us,” it said in another tweet.

Dan’s Australia and RCB teammate Glenn Maxwell also posted a pair of tweets with a warning for fans.“If you comment abuse on one of my teammates/friends social media with negative/ abusive rubbish, you will be blocked by everyone. What is the point of being a terrible person? There is no excuse!!!,” RCB star wrote in the tweet.

“Great season by RCB, unfortunately, we fell well short of where we thought we should be. Doesn’t take away from an amazing season!! Some of the garbage that has been flowing on social media is absolutely disgusting! We are human beings who are giving our best each and every day. Try being a decent person maybe instead of spreading abuse. Thank you to the REAL fans that shared love and appreciation for the players giving their all! unfortunately, there are some horrible people out there that make social media a horrible place to be. It is unacceptable!!! Please don’t be like them!!!,” he wrote in another tweet.

Daniel Christian reacts to the online abuse

Sunil Narine stole the show with the ball and bat as Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) defeated RCB in Sharjah. Daniel Christian, who failed to leave a mark with the bat and ball for RCB, shared Instagram stories asking people to not drag his partner in their criticism of the cricketer. “I didn’t have a great game tonight, but that’s sport. However, please leave her out of it,” Christian said on his Instagram stories.

Meanwhile, in a heartwarming gesture following this incident, some RCB fans apologised to Dan Christian’s partner Jorgia Dunnwho is also pregnant. “We love Dan… ignore toxic fans, we love him. Those fans are not true RCBian we love you Dan,” a user commented on Jorgia Dunn Instagram post.