IPL 2022: BCCI to franchises, ‘Salary Cap 90 Cr, 4 retentions to cost 42 Crore, submit list by 1st Dec’

The stage for Mega-Auctions of Indian Premier League Season 15 (IPL 2022) is set. According to one of the IPL Governing Council member, mega-auctions will take place by 1st Week of January. All 8 old IPL teams will be asked to finalize list of retained players before 1st December & new franchises will have to pick their 3 players by end of December.

  • Salary Cap – 90 Crores 
  • Old Franchises: Will Name Retained Players by 30th November 2021, maximum of 4 players can be retained. 3 Indians & maximum two foreigners
  • New Franchises: 2 New teams to finalized their 3 players outside of auction between 1st December 2021 to 30th December 2021. Not more than 2 Indians & 1 foreigner
  • RTM Cards: There will also be no Right to Match (RTM) cards this time around.

“Official communication to franchises are going, The deadline for retentions, the auction purse and auction dates are all decided and is being communicated to the franchises”, declared IPL GC member.

InsideSport had already reported on last week, that the BCCI will allow new teams to pick ‘three free picks’ from the auction pool.

What is 3 Free Picks? 

This means both new franchises will have the right to pick 3 players before the auctions. 2 New teams can finalized 3 players outside of auction between 1st December 2021 to 30th December 2021. Not more than 2 Indians & 1 foreigners can be picked by the NEW FRANCHISES.

As InsideSport reported, BCCI has informed existing franchises can retain 4 players from their existing set-up. The move would have put the new franchises at huge disadvantage, BCCI informed the franchises in a letter that they will allow three players to be picked from the auction pool before the start of the MEGA AUCTIONS. BCCI feels this move bring the new franchises at par with the old.

“We have decided to do away with the Right to Match Cards. No teams will be allowed to use any RTM cards in MEGA-AUCTION” the IPL GC Member told InsideSport.

The BCCI has also outlined how much funds will be deducted from the salary cap as per their choices of retentions.

  • TOTAL Players Purse – 90 Crore
  • 4 Players retained, Rs 42 crore will cut from the player purse.
  • 3 retentions will lead to a reduction of Rs 33 crores
  • 2 retentions will result in deduction of 24 crore from the player purse.
  • 1 Retained Player: 14 crore will be deducted from the purse.