IPL 2022: David Warner feels he will not be retained by Sunrisers Hyderabad says, ‘It’s a tough pill to swallow’

Australia opening batsman David Warner has expressed that he will not be retained by the Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise ahead of the IPL 2022 auction. Warner also revealed that he will be putting his name for the auction and will look to make a fresh start in the cash-rich league.

Speaking on morning show on Australian radio station SEN Warner said, “It was a tough pill to swallow. I kind of laughed at the reasoning, that two guys were hitting the ball out of the middle a little bit better than I was. Given that when you’re playing the game you’re playing the scenario. Obviously, there are a lot of moving parts around there.”

“What you have to do as a professional athlete is take it on the chin do everything you can for the team. Not being able to go there, run drinks, and be around was when it sort of hit home that it could be personal, and I’m still yet to get those answers. I will put my name in the auction. By the signs of the recent IPL, I won’t be retained by the Sunrisers, so I’m looking forward to a fresh start,” he added.

After a poor string of performance in IPL 2021, Warner was first removed from the captaincy of SRH and later he was dropped from the playing XI as well. He is one of the highest run-scorer in IPL and has led SRH to the championship in IPL 2016.

Warner now believes that he will not be retained by the SRH team mangement and he will look to make a new start in the IPL 2022. Two new teams from Ahemdabad and Lucknow has been added to the cash-rich league and these teams will be looking for captains. Warner can be a great option for them looking at his track record as captain and as a batsman.

After BCCI announced Ahmedabad and Lucknow as two new franchises for IPL 2022, expanding the tournament to 10 teams, there is a lot of confusion amongst franchises regarding new auction rules, especially retention policy. Two franchise officials expressed concerns after BCCI proposed two new teams will be allowed to pick ‘three free picks’ from the auction pool.

This means both new franchises will have the right to pick 3 players from the auction pool even before the start of actual auctions. BCCI is mulling that as the old franchises will be allowed to retain 4 players, the new franchises will be at disadvantage. To bring them par with the existing franchises, BCCI is deliberating to allow both Ahmedabad & Pune franchises to pick 3 players each from the auction pool before the start of MEGA-AUCTIONS.