The Ashes: David Warner’s wife accuses Cricket Australia of double standards on Tim Paine’s issue, says ‘Australian dressing room falling apart’

David Warner’s wife Candice Warner has blasted at Cricket Australia regarding its treatment of ex-Australia Test captain Tim Paine. The former Iron Woman said that she feels uncomfortable with how CA held Paine to a different level of accountability ‘as a captain and as a player‘. Candice Warner’s comments are expected to be David Warner’s reflection of Australia’s dressing room. As players chose to keep silent, she has opened on their behalf.

“They’re (CA) basically saying that it’s not okay for an Australian cricket captain to send these messages, but it’s okay for an Australian player,” Warner told 2GB radio.

“As a wife of an Australian player, that is slightly concerning and it does make me worry,” she added.

  • The relationship between Australia top players and administrators have worsened.
  • The players feel that Cricket Australia left Tim Paine in an uncomfortable situation with a feeling that CA doesn’t have their backs.
  • The players have divided whether Paine should play in The Ashes.

‘There are those who think Tim shouldn’t be allowed back in the side because what he did was wrong, and those who think he should be because what CA did was wrong. A lot of the players would be looking at this situation only in the light of how it affects their careers,’ an insider told DailyMail.

‘Tim was unusual because in the past the Australian captaincy always went to the best player. Tim isn’t even close to that, but after Sandpapergate they didn’t need the best player, they needed the best captain at the time. He did a pretty good job and the players all thought he was fine, unlike with Michael Clarke. Now that has changed. Tim won’t be captain anymore so the players will be asking themselves, will I be better off or worse off with someone else in the team?’ it added.

Warner further added that the players were supporting Paine but it’s about supporting his family in a terrible situation. The Tasmanian Test teammates are rallying around him but it remains questionable whether he will make the cut or not. Tim Paine is adamant to play in The Ashes after stepping down from the leadership role.

“They’re (Australian Test team) really focused on the first game.  think there are reports that the players are getting around and supporting him, but it’s also about supporting his family through a really difficult situation,” Candice stated further.