Tim Paine’s wife defends ex-Australian captain, ‘Text messages now coming in open very disturbing’

Tim Paine’s wife Bonnie Paine has taken a stand for her husband after sexting scandal led to his exit as Australia captain. In a recent interview, Bonnie said that she is with her Tim Paine through all thick and thin. She expressed how she has forgiven him for inappropriate messages and expressed her disappointment that the scandal has been revealed to the public.

“I have had my time of getting angry, and venting, and to get upset, and we fought and we talked, and then we both decided to move on with life, and do it together. I feel a bit frustrated that it’s all been brought up and aired in the public when we’d put it to bed years ago. I have moved forward since then. I feel like there is a lot of injustice for it being dragged out again,” she told News Corp.

“I felt betrayed, and I felt hurt, upset, and I felt pissed off, I also had feelings of gratitude because he was being so honest with me,” she added.

Bonnie went on to say that she felt empathy for Tim as he went through a lot privately in 2018, at the time of the incident, which was horrific. However, she said that the mess was a blessing in disguise as the couple became more open and transparent. “Weirdly, this mess has actually helped our relationship.”

“No one is perfect. You’ve got to give people second chances. Like I said before, Tim came and told me to my face, he told me the ins and outs, and he didn’t have to do that. I have a huge amount of respect for him for doing that. It was never a question of love; we have always loved each other deeply. It was hard, he has forgiven me for things, and people have forgiven me in my past, so I just felt I owed it to Tim to try and forgive,” she added.

During the interview, Tim Paine, 36, also revealed that he was encouraged by head coach Justin Langer who supported him to continue as in charge. However, Paine felt it’s time for him to stand down.

Paine who shined against England in late 2017 said he can play a crucial role in Ashes title defence. He even expressed his desire to play for Australia again adding that he can put distraction to the side.

“Resign, or don’t resign – they were the alternatives I was tossing up. I wasn’t going to retire, I’d been pretty clear I wanted to keep playing, and potentially finish after this Ashes series. I see that as the ultimate high, to be able to finish your test career after winning an Ashes series in Australia. That’s the dream. That’s what I want to do. To go and represent my country, well, and help win the Ashes,” he said.